signing marriage certificate

You Just Got Married.. Now What?

Changing Your Last Name You spent months planning your wedding. You are excited to start your life together. As you are establishing your family, you want to share a last name. The exercise of a woman changing her last name has lots of steps and can be time consuming. Make a list You have your…

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Wedding Gown Trains

Setting a wedding gown apart from the other dresses Sunday morning I heard a sermon about Isaiah 6. The first verse speaks of “the train of his robe filled the temple.” The train in this verse is part of the symbolism of the Lord’s great wealth and helps to show how majestic He is on…

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jesus birth in Bible

Celebrating Christmas

Sharing Christ’s Love I hope everyone had a great Christmas. For many people Christmas is a time of joy and love. For others, it may be hard especially if it is the first Christmas without a loved one. Our family focuses on the true meaning of Christmas and tries to not get caught up in…

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Kelsey Young Photography

Wedding Vows

The words to represent your union Have you started to think about your wedding vows yet? Are you going to use traditional wedding vows or write your own? There are so many different directions you can go with your vows.  Traditional Wedding Vows Weddings are largely built on tradition. Wedding vows as we know them…

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wedding invititations

Wedding Invitations

First Impressions of Your Day With modern weddings, few things have changed more than the invitations. There are so many options today. Let’s talk about why invitations are important and look at some of your options. Amanda Mays Photos took the photo of the wedding invitation suite that I featured with today’s blog. Isn’t it…

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wedding planning

Wedding planning checklist

A month by month breakdown You spent months or years dating, and he popped the question. Now it’s time to plan your wedding. You want to have a day that is uniquely yours. This day will celebrate your love and the union of your family. It will be one of the few times in your…

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engagement photos

Do you need Engagement Photos?

A photo session to celebrate your love Taking engagement photos is a fun day for couples. You are relaxed and get to show some personality in these candid moments. This is a great time to celebrate your love and the beginning of the wedding planning process.  As we talk about engagement photos, let’s check out…

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Kynleigh and Donny

Hosting a Micro Wedding

Michelle Leah Photography captured the beautiful light for Kynleigh and Donny’s nuptials.  An Intimate East Tennessee Affair I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several couples who have recently gotten engaged. They are so excited to celebrate their love, and I am excited for each couple.  As they are discussing their desires for a wedding, many of…

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family photo antique sofa

A Family Affair

Including your family in your big day As the year is coming to a close, I’ve had some moments in December to appreciate how blessed my family is. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to work closely with my daughter and son-in-law here on this beautiful estate. I love that I get to pop in…

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East Tennessee Wedding

Celebrating love with fall foliage This year has been a super busy year at The Carriage House. It’s great to see so many couples in love. It’s brought me such joy to see these couples celebrating even through the difficult times that Covid has brought. Love doesn’t stop during a pandemic. I’m so glad that…

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Birthday Celebrations

Parties for the young and just a bit older We, at the Carriage House, love helping people celebrate. We love celebrating absolutely everything. I love birthdays and when a client calls to say they would like to celebrate a birthday with us, I get super excited. Children’s birthday parties As a grandma to two sweet little…

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June is a popular month

The tradition of a June Bride June is a very busy month at The Carriage House with multiple events happening every weekend. Most of these events are weddings or pre-wedding events. About mid-June, I started thinking about the popularity of the month of June for weddings. I’ve always heard the term “June Bride”. Audrey and…

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Rows and Rows of Flowers

Like many women, I LOVE FLOWERS. I love the colors, the smells, the variations in textures and sizes. Flower arrangements set the tone of an event. Planting the flowers I don’t know if you were able to make it by The Carriage House last summer, but the flowers are incredible here. My son-in-law, Walt, puts…

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Your Wedding; Your Style

When looking at a farm venue, many people often think it is slated for a certain style of wedding. We, at The Carriage House, find ourselves being hosts to all sorts of weddings from small “farmhouse” style weddings with inspiration from Magnolia to larger formal affairs. Our venue provides a clean backdrop where you can make…

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For Every Occasion

By now, you probably know the Carriage House has become a beloved wedding venue.  Located near historic Dandridge, Tennessee, it is easily accessed by those who are looking for a place to tie the knot close to Morristown, Jefferson City, or Sevierville.  With gorgeous, open spaces and truly beautiful architecture, The Carriage House has caught…

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Wedding caterer Jefferson City TN

Choosing the Best Caterer

“But was the food any good?” With all of the events we have the honor of hosting here at the Carriage House, “But was the food any good?”  seems to be a prime question for those who weren’t in attendance.  It’s also a question asked quite frequently by those planning  events. They want to know…

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What’s New in 2021?

Greetings from The Carriage House! As the holidays wind down, The Carriage House team is looking forward to a beautiful 2021 and the upcoming wedding season is a big part of our plans for Jefferson County’s premier wedding venue. My son-in-law Walt, who was married to my daughter on these grounds, has taken a special…

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Picture, Picture…

Photography at The Carriage House What’s a picture, really? One definition tells us that a picture is simply a visual representation of a moment in time.  Perhaps it’s more the point of a picture: to collar the allure of a special or sacred moment to regain the feelings it evoked or to bring new ones…

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History of the Carriage House

Carriage House Origins

Welcome.  In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Lisa, the Events Coordinator at The Carriage House.  I spend a lot of time telling folks how special this beautiful property is; I’ve known it was extraordinary in so many ways since I was the Mother-the Bride here when my own daughter married.  That first day that…

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Meet Lisa Cloud

So, you’re thinking of planning an event and you’d like to know more about the Carriage House? I’m so very glad you’re here! Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Lisa, the Events Coordinator at The Carriage House, and I know this venue well, not only because I am the Events Coordinator here, but because I…

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